I have a relationship with the depths
they beckon me beyond my means
cold dark vacant pressure
forever night, endless dreams


18 Freediving World RecordS

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William Trubridge is the world's deepest man, having freedived unaided on a single breath to a depth of 102 meters (334 feet).

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He is the founder of Vertical Blue, the most prestigious freediving event in the world, held annually at Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas.

As a keynote speaker, William talks of how he neutralizes stress and fear in his deepest dives; of how to go 'below the surface' of consciousness to access our intuition and creativity; and many more topics, both on stage and virtually.

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"The love of the diver for his world of wavering light.

His world of pearls and tendrils and his breath at his breast.
Born as a plunger into the deeps he is at one with every swarm of limegreen fish, with every coloured sponge.
As he holds himself to the ocean's faery floor, one hand clasped to a bedded whale's rib, he is complete and infinite.
Pulse, power and universe sway in his body."

- Mervyn Peake