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We host numerous events a year for our clients and staff, but William's virtual keynote will stand as one of the most impactful ones we have done. There couldn’t be a more relevant topic and speaker for the times we live in. Hearing from William, and most importantly in the workshop format, about how to respond to fear, stress, and unknowns, was something we all needed to hear and learn. Clients today still ask us if we are having him back so they can invite friends and family.

- High Tower

"You obviously have a wealth of knowledge to share given all of your dedication, experience and accomplishments in the world of freediving, but it is by far your persona and natural teaching style that made the event so enjoyable and effective.
You are a very gifted and kind person, and it is a simple joy to be around you"

– Attendee

"We expected to have a unique presentation when we hosted William for our entrepreneurs and CEOs group, but we didn’t know it was going to be this influential. Even months after, we still hear about how the talk brought awareness and new tools for them to use in their day to day decision-making, especially now in the unknown business environment we live in.

- Entrepreneurs Organisation, Boston Chapter

"We were incredibly fortunate to have William speak at our recent Inspire Foundation ceremony.  His talk was inspirational, sincere and thought-provoking.  It was a fascinating insight into the world of freediving and an interesting perspective on what it means to be “inspirational”.
William also spent an hour talking with our young grantees before the ceremony.  We were impressed with his genuine interest in their stories, his helpful advice and warm, engaging manner"

– Inspire Foundation, Marlborough


As a keynote speaker, William speaks on topics that relate to high performance, realising potential, breathing, mental techniques, conservation and more.


The two most popular subjects, with perhaps the widest application are: 

Smiling into the Abyss
calm underwater, calm under pressure

Our innate responses to stress are mostly counterproductive or even redundant. Governed by hormones adrenaline and cortisol, they are artefacts from our time as primitive apes, that nowadays do more harm than good when encountering modern stressors that lurk in the office, boardroom, or at home.

Instead body and mind have more nuanced functions that, once unlocked, can be used with far greater effect to maintain a calmness and composure that is not contrived, but instead regenerated continuously.

William has had to solve this equation in order to stay calm when faced with the stress and pressure of being 100 meters down, with only his hands and feet to propel him back to the surface.
In this talk he communicates the techniques and shifts of mind that have allowed him to achieve this, but also gives you a chance to implement them yourself so you can experience first-hand the power of a different approach.



accessing the power that lies beneath the rational mind

There is a distinct boundary between conscious thought (the voice in our head that we feel we can control) and the deep resources of instinct, that lie in the subconscious below.

Just as we can dive beneath the surface of the ocean, so we can dive into the subconscious, to access greater powers of problem-solving and creativity.

However far too often we spend our lives exclusively above the surface, in the ethereal ungrounded medium of rational thought.

In this talk William describes how moving freely between the conscious and subconscious has been a vital part of his success as a freediver, and how to take advantage of the near-limitless depths of our minds, and develop greater control over how and when we think.

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